Sierra Leone Krio Museum &
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Museum Costs

Construction Schedule


(Le 3,000,000,000)

4-6 years

October 2019 - August 2023

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The Krios

The Krios are descendants of the following groups of freed enslaved Africans: 

The Black Poor, who arrived from England in 1787 and 1788, many of whom had fought with the English during the American War of Independence, but were now mainly destitute in England.


The Nova Scotian Settlers, who had been enslaved in America, escaped captivity to fight with the British during the American War of Independence. They were then evacuated to Nova Scotia in 1783 and then resettled in Sierra Leone in 1792.  


The Trelawny Maroons, who had originally been exiled to Nova Scotia after the second Maroon war in Jamaica were resettled in Sierra Leone in 1800. The Negro Americans brought directly from America to Sierra Leone by Paul Cuffee in 1816. The Liberated Africans, who make up the largest group of ancestors,  were brought to Sierra Leone between 1808 and 1863 after the British had abolished the slave trade and intercepted slave ships in the high seas of the Atlantic. They make up over 90% of Krios. Finally, the West Indian Regiment disbanded in Sierra Leone in 1819 and 1821 are also part of the Krio ancestry.

The krios

Our Story

The Krio Descendants Yunion and its Diaspora Regions have embarked on an ambitious but necessary project to construct and build a 3-story museum and cultural center that will be a magnet for Kriodom and Krio business.

The completed building will not only host KDY and Krio affiliated organizations meetings and events, but be a destination for all Krios and visitors at home and from the diaspora to congregate, experience cultural activities and partake in authentic cooked Krio cuisine.

The museum will tell the unique history of the Krios, the interlinked relationship between the Muslim Aku Krios and those of the Christian faith and their significant contribution to the development of Sierra Leone and West African region. The Center will also display aspects of the cultural history of Krios through pictures, literature and artifacts, collected and preserved throughout their history. It will also host a reference library for literary dissemination and research studies about the Krios and Sierra Leone.

Museum Gallery

Museum Construction Costs

$ 300,000

Estimated Construction

(Le 3,000,000,000)


Construction cost
up to 1st Floor

(Le 600,000,000)

$ 20,000

Initial Amount
raised by KDY

(Le 200,000,000)


Current amount
raised KDY Freetown

(Le 200,000,000)

Krio Museum and Cultural Center

Legacy Wall

There will also be a memorial wall erected on the site to honor many of our ancestors. Any Krio can contribute to having the name of their loved one(s) on the wall with a minimum contribution of $500.


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